sugarforbrains chrimus special!

ho ho ho! merry christmas everyone! its me, santa claus!! JUST KIDDING, idiot. its me, benny, the webmaster of this wretched website. wow! it has been a while! look at all of this dust. ugh. someone should clean this up.

but hello, how are you? happy holidays! if you are for SOME REASON wondering why its been two months since i have made any updates to the website, besides updating the webring, i will explain it RIGHT NOW. get ready. im about to explain EVERYTHING! i have been TIRED, and UNMOTIVATED, among other things. i am have been too lazy to update the site, or to even fix problems that have been here for a while. the song of the week has not been changed since SEPTEMBER!!! IT IS MOTHERFUCKING CHRISTMAS!!!

but other than being lazy or whatever, i've been okay... i haven't been drawing all that much but i'm starting to get back into the groove of things. i've mainly been playing games and reading fanfiction. and eating gingerbread cookies. oh my god. you dont even understand, these cookies are the most wonderful things i've ever had the pleasure of putting in my mouth. they are so sweet, and really soft and fun to chew. ohhhhh my goddddd. they make my tummy hurt but they're just too good. go make some gingerbread cookies.

now its time to answer the BIG QUESTION everyones been wondering. what did benny get from santLET ME TELL YOU!

santa brought me this nice shelf drawer bin thingy that can also be found at micheals, funnily enough! he also brought me a pin board, which i haven't yet put up. he also got me some MANGA!!! now, the only things i put on my christmas list were the bins and pin board, so i was really surprised when i found manga too! and one of them is the REIGEN MANGA!!! YAHOO!!! i was planning on buying it with my christmas money, but santa KNEW!!! SANTA IF YOUR READING THIS THANK YOU SO MUCH, I'M A REALLY BIG FAN. PLEASE BRING US PS5 NEXT CHRISTMAS MY DAD REALLY WANTS IT. SORRY FOR IMPERSONATING YOU EARLIER. HUGS AND KISSES.

feel free to email me about what you've done for the holidays, id love to hear :) but thats about all i have to say. oh wait um. will site begin to have frequent updates? maybe. i have some plans. until then.

some christmas music for you