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this is my media log where i will... log media i have consumed... yes

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this is where my thoughts will go. probably contains spoilers. i don't usually have too much to say, most of it will be nonsense lolol

posted on 8/25/23 at 8:17 PM


watched: spy x family s2 - episodes 2-5, mob psycho 100 III - episodes 1-8
read: chainsaw man - volume six

i keep forgetting to update here because i usually go straight to bed after watching stuff! sad about coming to the end of mob. new spy families were cute.

posted on 11/8/23 at 10:20 AM


watched: keep your hands off eizouken! ep 1


i've been wanting to watch this for a while now and im very excited! i love the character designs, theyre so adorable! and this anime is just like, really pretty...the backgrounds are so awesome. asakusa is already too relatable

posted on 10/18/23 at 2:18 PM


completed: mob psycho 100 II


well i finished watching season two of mobert psychology again! with boyfriend this time. i am so so so happy. the last few episodes of this season are SO FUCKING GOOD!! to be honest, i don't have much to say about it. seeing how far mob has come, with standing up for himself to reigen, running in the marathon and doing his best, befriending serizawa and going against toichirou but staying with him not wanting him to suffer alone despite how he feels about him.... so good... also joseph government :3

posted on 10/15/23 at 1:23 PM


watched: spy x family s2 ep1


so cute so cute so cute! i loved this episode, cute and silly as usual with spy family. poor yor lmao... hope we get to see more of her assassin job. i also loved seeing anya and franky antics again!

posted on 10/8/23 at 1:22 PM


watched: mob psycho 100 II episodes 2-5


keep forgetting to update this because i watch these so late but yay more mob! season 2 is so great- i love the urban legends arc and mogami arc a lot!

we get to meet shinra, i really like him and his dynamic with reigen. there are so many good minor characters in mp100... the dragger is bery cool and spooky and gets me wondering if urban legends can like manifest or whatever in the mob universe due to how many people believe in them, does that mean slenderman or jeff the killer could exist...?

anyways, the urban legends arc is very awesome, but the mogami arc is one of my favorite arcs in the entire series for some reasons. i love seeing dimple posessing mob, its so weird seeing him so expressive but its awesome. mob nearly killing some dude and dimple snapping him out of it is probably my favorite part, dimple is so great in these episodes! and the fact that after being horribly bullied for 6 months in minori's mind mob still forgives her... oh my gawd... mob... seeing how horrible those kids were and only wanting to be kinder because of it... MOB....

great great arc! love that reigen was on his phone playing candy crush the whole time.

posted on 10/3/23 at 11:18 AM


played: splatoon 3


stole it from my dad to play with my friend who is like way better than me (i have no played a splatoon game ever)

was worried i wouldn't like it but its actually really fun, my hands hurt now tho lol

posted on 9/21/23 at 6:09 AM


finished: chainsaw man last night


god why are all of the characters in this show so damn cool??? seeing makima do her thing was pretty epic although when the first guy was crushed i looked like :jawdrop:... scary woman

i also really liked watching denji and katana sword man fighting. its always fun to see him go saw boy mode. lolol at him and aki kicking that dude in the balls. ALSO KOBENI??? WHATT THE FUCK WAS THAT!!!

enjoyed the parts with power, denji, and the old dude... quite funny how they think smart = glasses. i love these guys...

aki is making me sad though... glad he's not dead yet! < clueless. i like the future devil, he was pretty silly and i was wondering who that funny dancing guy was in the op. ALSO ALL OF THE NEW GUYS ARE COOL TOO! shark guy is awesome, i love that he can swim through walls and stuff, really really cool! spider lady is cool as well, so is the violence guy. and angel devil!!! his english va is also shou suzuki from mp100, so i was also :jawdrop: when i heard that. i like this guys design, but god i will never not hear depressed shou when he talks lolol

kind of sad that im done with the anime now, but i'm still gonna read the manga and TRY to catch up. i can't wait for all of my faves to die

what do i watch now...

posted on 9/21/23 at 11:02 AM


watched: detective conan eps 1-7 w dad
also watched ep 1 of mob s2 on 9/15


detective conan: not much to say, pretty entertaining show! 30 seasons tho... hoo boy...

mob psycho 100: god the first episode of this season is one of my favorites... emi... also has one of my fave songs in the whole show, next to teru's theme of course.

posted on 9/19/23 at 9:28 PM


been so busy forgot to post here LOL

watched: mob psycho 100 9-10 (9/3) 11-12 (9/6)


god how i fucking adore this series. the first time i watched mob i honestly didnt feel much, but now that im so familiar with these characters... i crode... mob hugging ritsu made my heart explode... and of course reigen telling mob that its okay to run away,....GOD HELP ME

posted on 9/7/23 at 1:07 PM


watched: mob psycho 100 eps 6-8

yay my boyfreidn likes mob! yay!

posted on 9/1/23 at 7:01 PM


read: chainsaw man vol 1

moar chainsaw man! i love the art of the manga!

posted on 8/30/23 at 10:00 PM


watched: chainsaw man episodes 6-8


THE FUCKING PUKE SCENE caught me so off guard but it was so funny. but i switched from laughing to feeling sad because of baby denji so fast. anyway these grown ass women need to leave this boy alone.

katana guys design goes so fucking hard but bro think he chainsaw man... i also like the design of this blonde girl too

posted on 8/26/23 at 7:15 PM