in a big mall, a mall i've never been to before. there were a lot of people walking around and it was bright and sunny. but then suddenly, everyone began freaking out, it got very loud and very dark. people were breaking the glass of the storefront windows, and stealing things.

i, of course, went to the hot topic, which was already a mess inside. i was talking to some other people in there, i can't remember what we were saying exactly, but we quickly became friends. unfortunately the police came shortly after, yelling at us and handcuffing us, and we were escorted out of the mall.

then there was a weird transition, and i was back in the mall again. this time, there was a group of people, some of my friends being in it. also within the group was one person i used to be friends with, for some reason they were saying weird shit about me. i woke up feeling stressed.