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Whats this weeks song?

The Garden - Puerta de Limosina

Why I chose this song: very good song from a good album ive been listening to a lot lately

Past songs:
Oingo Boingo - Better Luck Next Time oingo boingo ๐Ÿ‘ wish this was on nothing to fear its real good
Linkin Park - With You noooooo, no matter how far we've comeeeeeee, i cant wait to seeeeeee tomorrowwwwwwww, no matter how far we've come iiii, i cant wait to see tomorrowwwwWITH YOUUUUUUUUU
forgot lol Lemon Demon - Crisis Actors a song i've been listening to a lot lately. when i was a hugeee lemon demon fan i like, hated this song for some reason? i never even really gave it chance. its awesome tho.
10/8/23 TOOBOE - ้Œ ๅ‰ค [LOUD!!!] this song scares me each time it comes on in my playlist because i always have my volume so high! i honestly hated this at first when i heard it in chainsaw man, probably because it spooked me but it quickly grew on me! its so fun
forgot Bis - Action And Drama havent updated sotw in AGES... song of the whenever? anyway heres a song ive been listening to a lot lately quite catchy huh
forgot sajou no hana - ใƒกใƒขใ‚ปใƒ’ใ‚šใ‚ข does anyone here like mob psycho 100. this is my favorite ed from the anime its so wonderful... it brings a tear to me eye... sniff. Please talk to me about mob psycho. leave a message in the guestbook about it or somehting. Please :)
forgot Maximum the Hormone - What's Up, People? PREPARE YOUR EARS! I started watching Death Note with my dad and oh my lord this is such a banger... my dad can't stand it to the point where he has to skip it but personally I think it is pretty gud
3/20 emamouse - biolon it is an UNDERRATED gem and i LOVE IT. it makes my brain feel good! very nice.