Welcome to the official SUGARFORBRAINS...


If you are unaware, there is a chatbox on the index of this website.
Sometimes I get very... interesting visitors, to say the least.

Criteria for those featured here:
- Must be playing some kind of character
- If it's a pre-existing character, must have an icon of that character. That's it.
Here are some of my favorite visitors!

★ Reigen Arataka ★

Definitely the most memorable visitor to my chatbox. It was wonderful meeting the real Reigen Arataka. We got married later that day. I will never forget it. Reigen please visit again :)

★ Sonic the Hedgehog ★

Sonic actually visited on the same day Reigen did, right before. Haha. Wow! Two celebs in a day! haha pretty incredible

★ Bill Gates ★

Now, I know seeing Bill Gates around the neocity isn't that uncommon, but still, its pretty cool when he shows up somewhere. I figured out his true identity after this (with some help, of course.)

★ penis man, poop man, pee man, and shit man ★

Something very strange is happening... These four hooligans showed up... and I think there is something going on between them all. I can't figure it out.

> Enough of that, I wanna go home plz