100k!? No way! (aka wow neocities has changed my life)


sorry if any of this sounds weird, im not good at saying how i feel lawl. neocities means a lot to me so also sorry if this is like, me overreacting or somehting.

Howdy. Im benny, the webmaster of sugarforbrains.neocities.org. Wow 0_0 so the site recently surpassed 100k views which is bonkers! I don't know how to feel. I feel likeeee… both excited and a bit paranoid. Its scary! But I would still like to say thank you, and show my gratitude for the neocities community.


Despite my site being created in january of this year, i’ve been on neocities since either 2017 or 2018, i cant really remember. I've had many websites, most of which are now deleted. Making a website has always been something so cool to me, ever since i was a child. If i showed my 13 year old self my website i think their little head would explode. I wouldn't want to clean that up.

I never really thought that my site would get this many views. I really only do this for myself, and to see that people are interested in what I'm doing is a bit hard to comprehend!! But I'm thankful nonetheless.
When i had 15k views, it was a big deal to me! so to know that ive made it to 100k is wild.

To everyone who's clicked on my site and taken a look around, thank you! If you like my site, thank you! If you dislike it, thank you! I know my site isn't for everyone. If you would rather be doing anything else right now, ermmmm what the fart?

This site is like a child to me. A horrific, ugly child. I love it so much, and whenever I get a message in my guestbook, or a submission from the magical message machine (thats not blank, i get so many blank submissions, its very entertaining!), i am inspired to keep on going.

To all of my neighbors here, thank you all too!! Not only are your sites fucking awesome, but you all inspire me so much, and i hope you all continue to work on ur websites for everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I’ve started using less social media (fuck you twitter) and really only focusing on my art and website, and i think im the happiest ive ever been. I really hope neocities doesn't change.

100k is a big milestone, and while views aren't necessarily important, it still shows how far I've come.

To my frenz….

I never really focused on the community here during most of my time here, and to be honest i didnt really intend to at first when making sfb. Im not very good at being active in online spaces and stuff. But SOMEONE invited me to his discord group chat full of other neocities users, and i am incredibly thankful that he did!!

Ive never felt more comfortable and welcomed than i have in the transing the internet server… talking with everyone there is one of my favoritest things in the world. Not to get like, really real or anything, but i never thought i would have something like this. My social skills, before the server was made at least, were complete shit, but i do believe theyve been getting better..!!

Thank u guys for being the silliest motherfuckers i know. You all make me soo happy!! Sorry for getting cheesy but i love you guys!! Youre all so amazing, and thank you :]

I was gonna make an actual thank you drawing, but unfortunately, im not very motivated in terms of art right now, so this is all i have to offer. Im sory