6/12/24 - revamped the art page. i will finally get off my ass and work on the actual galleries. i promise. smiles
4/2/24 - reigen update caused some controversy so we're back to normal. you can view the april fools index here
4/1/24 - big update is here. goodbye sugarforbrains. hello reigenforbrains!
3/7/24 - First ever animation on SFB. Sorry for inactvity. I'm busy?
1/5/24 - Updated #dailymspaint
12/4/23 - Added the sitemap
11/7/23 - Completely forgot to mention that the about page has an ASKBOX now. Plz read the faq before asking anything or I wont answer xd
10/16/23 - Games page is here, with one flash game for you all to play. yay :heart:
10/8/23 - Forgot to say that the about page was updated and has some fun stuff. Plan on adding more things to it, it feels kind of empty...
10/2/23 - The splash page is now spooky. aaah!!!!
8/30/23 - The dream journal is up. Working on about page still.
8/25/23 - I made a microblog to share all of my meaningless thoughts and a media log too. Also wow, three updates in a row? What the hell is going on!
8/24/23 - new 404 page
8/23/23 - THE PSYCHO HELMET WEBRING has been created! It's a webring for fans of Mob Psycho 100! Feel free to join if you fit the requirements!
8/16/23 - New splash page, joined Vocaloid ring and Miiring, changed si webring details, blablahblah
7/21/23 - MAIN ART PAGE IS HERE! Been mostly uploading to #dailymspaint and doodles as of late.
6/26/23 - Whats this? A new site update? No. Just letting you all know, I'm doing artfight this year. Consider attacking me ;D (still uploading character refs)
5/21/23 - Doodle page is up. Also there has been a blingee page here but... it doesnt look to interesting, huh?
5/11/23 - Check out my room! Made entirely in flash.
3/26/23 - Song of the week got a new page. Working on a NEW layout...
3/11/23 - Nendoroid page is added. Do look at them!
3/7/23 - About me page has finally been added. Layout is temporary, maybe?
2/26/23 - #dailymspaint gallery page is here.
12/25/22 - I havent updated in over two months but its CHRISTMAS! READ THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL POST!!
8/15/22 - Home page changes n stuff.