Daily MS Paint - MS Paint everyday

You have arrived at the #dailymspaint webpage.
This page is here to showcase all of the art I have made for #dailymspaint!
But first- you may be wondering: what the hell is #dailymspaint? let me tell you!

#dailymspaint is my totally original "challenge" I made where I attempt to draw one thing in MS paint everyday for a year. I have trouble drawing a lot and not having any "finished" art bothers me, so thats why I made this thing. When typing or saying #dailymspaint you must include the hashtag.

Why? Because it's funny You will be cursed if you don't do this!!! Ack!

The rules of #dailymspaint:

  • Try to draw at least one thing in mspaint daily.
  • Doesn't have to be detailed, can be a shitpost, whatever just draw.
  • But its okay if you cant draw everyday.
  • Have fun and be yourself :)
If you want, you can try yourself. I have already broken the drawing daily rule.
Multiple times.

The Gallery

Prepare for lotsa images! Not everything I've drawn will be put here- I will spare you from the cringe. Navigation is on the left.


2/20/24 - bennyshaped / ites me

2/15/24 - hangin out / me and oimple


2/11/24 - :3 / losing ideas

2/09/24 - bored / i am bored

2/06/24 - blah blah / i didnt know what to draw

2/03/24 - smiles at u / what a nice young man

2/01/24 - blue eyed man spotted / toichiro suzuki works at my local target


1/30/24 - come with me! / would u?

1/29/24 - bennys / ya.

1/26/24 - pony part two / PONY!!!!!

1/25/24 - angel / tried a different-ish style.

1/23/24 - pony / me pony.

1/21/24 - alien time!!! / based on a roblox rp LOL.

1/17/24 - stars / ive been drawing my sona a lot.

1/16/24 - bnnuy / mob i made in animal jam and then drew in paint.

1/14/24 - scary / reigens worst nightmare.

1/13/24 - benny lore / i have no explanation.

1/12/24 - blue / girl help im in the oter

1/11/24 - ew / me as this stupid fucking emoji.

1/10/24 - youre a liar / actress! davide.

1/8/24 - mobs / a bunch of mob psychos. did you know windows 11 paint sucks. did you know windows 11 sucks.

1/7/24 - kitty cat / just a random cat girl.

1/5/24 - lol xd randum / i didnt know what to draw.

1/5/24 - daydreaming / i ve been thinking about ddr a lot lately.

1/4/24 - WOOF / i cant stop drawing benny.

1/3/24 - benny worm sticker sheet / its benny worm! this didnt turn out how i wanted because i got lazy. still like it though.

1/2/24 - depressed and cool benny / idk why i like drawing benny as a depressed office worker. that hoodie i saw in a dream.