Daily MS Paint - MS Paint everyday

You have arrived at the #dailymspaint webpage.
This page is here to showcase all of the art I have made for #dailymspaint!
But first- you may be wondering: what the hell is #dailymspaint? let me tell you!

#dailymspaint is my totally original "challenge" I made where I attempt to draw one thing in MS paint everyday for a year. I have trouble drawing a lot and not having any "finished" art bothers me, so thats why I made this thing. When typing or saying #dailymspaint you must include the hashtag.

Why? Because it's funny You will be cursed if you don't do this!!! Ack!

The rules of #dailymspaint:

  • Try to draw at least one thing in mspaint daily.
  • Doesn't have to be detailed, can be a shitpost, whatever just draw.
  • But its okay if you cant draw everyday.
  • Have fun and be yourself :)
If you want, you can try yourself. I have already broken the drawing daily rule.
Multiple times.

The Gallery

Prepare for lotsa images! Not everything I've drawn will be put here- I will spare you from the cringe. Navigation on the left. Eyestrain and possible gore? ahead.


5/19/23 - benny compilation / tag yourself

5/16/23 - fucking sitting / featuring cat dimple

5/7/23 - eek / this is my character eek i dont know what to do with her

5/6/23 - pepto bismol / yes

5/4/23 - dream / i had a weird dream so i drew some stuff from it

5/3/23 - sun / oh my god fuck you bro

5/2/23 - clueless / little did i know...


4/29/23 - imple / imple

4/29/23 - reugen / reugen

4/26/23 - we moomin / i worked on this over the course of a few days. we moomin :)

4_16_23 - ow / not my best work but deviantart really liked it?

4/11/23 - my psionic warriors / anime scene redraw

4/9/23 - purple / and why he ourple joy emoji

4/8/23 - red / im not the best at side profiles and i did two of them... unsure about this one.

4/7/23 - green / DIMPLE!!! probably my best one yet

4/6/23 - blue / the kagebros fo today... lasso tool art is fun

4/5/23 - orange / i have completely forgotten about #dailymspaint. i have failed you all. anyway heres a reigen!


3/27/23 - BALD / been so busy working on website and drawing shit that i havent had time for this. got a haircut and now im like half bald.

3/12/23 - aggression and hatred / i've been neglecting #dailymspaint this month... heres more mob psycho

3/6/23 - character profile / tried to make a mp100 style profile for myself, ONEs style is hard to replicate

3/5/23 - wedding music / reigen arataka paid a visit to my cbox and well...
the power of friendship and true love happened

3/1/23 - another shitty mp100 redraw / in celebration of my reigen nendoroid coming home :)


2/28/23 - dubious little creatures / love being a little green thing

2/27/23 - NOOOOO / born to woof forced to meow

2/26/23 - <3 / i have many boyfriends (mail man art by troy take the greg crush quiz)

2/25/23 - it's mob! / nendoroid arrived so i drew this to celebrate (also a redraw)
2/24/23 - its okay to be gay / screenshot redraw! required listening

2/23/23 - sob / back after being sick, attempted an animation in paint (bad)

2/18/23 - even MORE nonsense / its a problem at this point. i cant do side profiles.

2/14/23 - #taffetuesday / charlies birthday! and valentines day. how romantic?

2/12/23 - work of art / experimental? wouldnt let me erase the red so i kept it.

2/11/23 - more nonsense / i think this and yesterdays are the best ones this month

2/10/23 - commoner / as soon as i see myself in a character its over for everyone

2/9/23 - tired / sleepy doodles, edginess

2/5/23 - me and mental illness / me plus a fun bonus drawing!

2/4/23 - bro is beautiful / first dimple drawing, sucks but i must keep trying

2/2/23 - mail man plz / i dont think this one needs an explanation!


1/30/23 - charlie starling? juliet taffe?? / had plans to finish this but never did #lazy

1/28/23 - pink fluffy unicorn / the unicorn belongs to my friend izzy

1/26/23 - mysterious hole / fucking hate this but bonehead is cute here so wat evr

1/25/23 - frank / this is my pou oc frank, isnt he wonderful

1/22/23 - ow / headache image

1/20/23 - beautiful / is he not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

1/15/23 - sogy / a strange creatures indeed.

1/14/23 - wicked / GAHHHH BURN IT WITH FIRE. i like this one a lot though!

1/13/23 - it's you! / le epic self portrait

1/12/23 - nice cut / The beginning of it all. The first official #dailymspaint.