what things are floating around in my head,

you ask? wait you didnt ask that...? too bad!

art and coding are probably my main interests. i've been
messing around with html since middle school and
drawing since i could pick up a crayon. i just love creating
things and expressing myself by doing so. it's FUN!
animation is something i'm really interested in, although
i am a newb.

i like creating original characters too, my ocs are my
horrible babies.

i also enjoy collecting and archiving things. i collect stuff
like stickers, lps and other small toys, and figures. kind of
new to figure collecting but it's fun. i really like nendoroid
and look up figures especially.

my interest in archiving is a newer one, and began when
i rediscovered law of talos again in late 2021. right
now im collecting all of the mob psycho official
art i can, including stuff from mobpuz.

...speaking of mob psycho 100, it's my favorite anime
ever, and one of my biggest interests right now! god
what is there to say about it... maybe i'll make a shrine
for it one of these days. but it's such an amazing
series. the animation is incredible, all the characters
are great (seriously i love like almost all of them)
(fuck you jodo) and the story is just so #real
(besides the, yknow, psychic powers thing)

i also like: death note, chainsaw man,
spy x family, detective conan, panty and stocking (mostly
for the animation). i'm not really a big anime watcher
but i'd like to get into more.

i actually don't watch much of anything...
my favorite cartoon is invader zim, a show i used to
watch a lot with my dad. a lot of jhonen v's work
has been very inspiring for me for a longggg time.
haven't actually watched zim in a while. #poser

one of my huge interests from last year, which i
mentioned before was the law of talos oc tournament.
i still enjoy law of talos, but not as much as before.
i discovered it back in, i think 2015 or 2016, and boy
did it change my life. the animations created by
unknown-person made me want to become an
animator so bad, and my art style was heavily
influenced by his. i still have hope in my heart that
someday there will be more castle of nations content
from him.

what else is there... hmm... music?
i spend a majority of my time listening to music!
i will listen to literally anything as long as it's good,
like most things, i tend to have trouble getting into
new stuff.

some musics i like are: electric six (my fave song
ever is dance commander), tyler the creator,
oingo boingo, toxic lipstick, lemon demon,
nirvana, icp, nine inch nails, jack off jill,
depeche mode, the smiths, the cure, bôa,
the unicorns, kero kero bonito, black moth
super rainbow, boards of canada (though they scare
me) and the list goes on. i just like sounds.

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