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Question: "howd you make the pop up windows move??"
Answer: i already answered this below, i guess its time to add something to my faq
Question: "how did you make an askbox?"
Answer: im using formspree
Question: "not sure if this has been asked before, but r you okay with others taking a bit of layout inspo? i think ur site is really well made and the way its set up is like perfect for websites and now i kinda wanna do something similar but you know also entirely different"
Answer: well yeah, its not like i can own a layout. im okay with inspiration being taken from my site as long as its not straight up stealing of my assets and stuff. all i ask is that u show me ur site when ur done with it i wanna see :D
Question: "when you eat mozzarella do you also eat the cirlces?"
Answer: yes.
Question: "will you make a page for your shrines? I spent day after day looking for one specific shrine that i really liked (cotton eye joe one) and a shrine page would be helpful"
Answer: haha im glad you like that page, its old as hell. ill make a sitemap (finally) as the page that my shrines will be on is gonna take a while to finish.
Question: "Quickly saying that your site looks absolutely awesome and your taste of music is based. I love the feel of this site. . . Itches my brain. Anyway do you eat mayonnaise with or without the shell. "
Answer: thank you, i really appreciate it! Never ask me a question ever again.
Question: "How did you make a game using ruffle?"
Answer: i make my games using adobe flash. ruffle is just the emulator i use to host them on my site
Question: "Did you sketch out your layout first before coding your site?"
Answer: for some pages, like the home page, yeah i sketched it out beforehand. its a good idea to do this if you dont have a clear idea of what you want your site to look like
Question: "Your website is fantastic! May I ask how you managed to get your "updates + news" page working? I've been trying to put one on my own site. Knowing how this askbox works would be amazing, too, but the news page is first priority. Take as much time as you want to respond, I'm in no rush."
Answer: thank you, the updates page is just a regular page that i update manually whenever theres a new update, as well as this askbox, assuming thats what you meant
Question: "how silly are you on a scale of 1-10 ??"
Answer: 0. i am not silly. in fact, i am very serious.
Question: "Is humanity doomed? And are you the first among us player in the world?"
Answer: yes
Question: "you a poopy head"
Answer: ...can someone get this guy out of here
Question: "download for GO GO REIGEN! - Kenji Kawai please i like the song also can you add a link to da chatbox thing where it says faq to link to the faq?"
Answer: i have a tip for you... go to youtube dot com and go to that song. then in the search bar remove the ube from youtube and press enter. what happens next will blow your mind. also i'll might add something like that yeah
Question: "Every copy of sugar for brains is personified."
Answer: no way
Question: "how did you make the divs in your about page draggable????"
Question: "what would you do if i turned you into a meatball"
Answer: find a nice bowl of spaghetti to live out the rest of my days in
Question: "HAII u might've been asked this b4 but how did u learn how 2 code like this?? its INSANELY GOOD!!"
Answer: this is in the faq but just trial and error and practice and stuff.
Question: "how did you make the pop up windows?"
Answer: i use this css framework and this js
Question: "Do you bathe in molasses. I like bathing in molasses. It's best with clothes on so you can lick the molasses off of your shirt after."
Answer: of course. im sure most people can relate to this
Question: "How did I get here?"
Answer: letting the days go byyyy
Answer: i love the jerma
Question: "when did you get interested in coding?"
Answer: i got interested around 2017, i think because of deviantart custom boxes and i also really liked looking at geocities websites. my first neocities site was made in maybeee 2018 but its long gone
Question: "do you like mlp? if so, have you heard of the fic fallout equestria?"
Answer: i mean yeah i've heard of it but i know absolutely nothing about it besides being incredibly long. i dont really care for mlp as much as i used to but i like drawing ponies occasionally
Question: "Do u listen 2 lemon demon?? if so whatz ur fav album :3"
Answer: yea, my fave album is damn skippy but my fave song is matches and nails
Question: "Computer"